When you first have the idea about creating an event, you usually have to spend a lot of time researching the potential your event has. Important questions need to be answered, such as: 

  • How much money will we make?
  • What venues are available?
  • Are there competing events?

And the list goes on and on...

Most of this is just time-consuming research, which whilst crucial to the success of your event, takes up so much of your time which could be better spent on the event itself.

That's why we created Location Scout. With just a few pieces of information about your potential event, we can answer all of the important questions you have in seconds. All the research you used to do manually, is now automated and at your fingertips.

We're continually improving Location Scout, both the accuracy and data sources to provide you with a richer experience. If there is any information that would simplify your scouting process, please get in touch and we'll do our best to include it.

Less time-consuming research, just bigger, better events.

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